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PhD Scientist & Science Communicator

 Dr. Cylita Guy

Welcome! I completed my PhD in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto, where I currently work as a research associate. My research focuses on bats and their viruses. Using a combination of fieldwork, multivariate statistics, and machine learning I investigate why bats seem to be good at carrying viruses that they sometimes share with humans, but rarely get sick from themselves. I've also applied my quantitative skill-set outside of academia, previously working as a research analyst for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. 

In my spare time I look to help others foster their own senses of curiosity and discovery. For ten years I worked as a Host at the Ontario Science Centre and started a Junior Bat Biologist Citizen Science Program with the High Park Nature Centre. You can also read about my hilarious field exploits in the general audience book Fieldwork Fail: The Messy Side of Science! Finally, I am one of the lead organizers of ComSciCon Canada - Canada's first national science communication conference for graduate students. 

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