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Chasing Bats &

Tracking Rats:

Urban Ecology, Community Science, and How We Share Our Cities

What can city bees tell us about climate change? How are we changing coyote behavior? And what the heck is a science bike? Featuring the work of a diverse group of eleven scientists—herself included!—Dr. Cylita Guy shows how studying urban wildlife can help us make cities around the world healthier for all of their inhabitants. In the process, Guy reveals how social injustices like racism can affect not only how scientists study city wildlife, but also where urban critters are likelier to thrive. Sidebars include intriguing animal facts and the often-wacky tools used by urban ecologists, from a ratmobile to a bug vacuum. Cornelia Li’s engaging illustrations bring the scientists’ fieldwork adventures to life, while urban ecology challenges encourage readers to look for signs of wildlife in their own neighborhoods.


Fieldwork Fail:

the Messy Side of Science

Glued to a crocodile, swallowing fossils, or shoes melted by lava... Scientists working on all continents share their best stories, from the Colombian jungle to the Antarctic ice. Dive into the everyday mistakes of biologists, archeologists, entomologists, and volcanologists! Dr. Guy is one of 25 different researchers who helped to author this book.



Read Dr. Guy's Research

Cylita has authored papers predicting undetected carriers of zoonotic diseases, characterizing bat behaviour in cities, and prioritizing landscape targets for conservation. See more on her google scholar profile. 

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